RITHUAL | Rithual Deva Pelvic Training Orquidea | Better Orgasms | Intense Orgasms | Sex Toys voor Vrouwen (8435565912222)

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Deva is a training kit with 4 balls of different weights and 10 steps, to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, providing better orgasms, better lubrication, greater sensitivity and control over the vaginal muscles.
With this Deva ball, rithual has created a personal exercise program that is far more enjoyable than going to the gym.
The pelvic floor is a network of muscles and ligaments, which keep the bladder, uterus and rectum in correct position. This musculature is also in charge of keeping the sphincters open or closed and their weakness or flaccidity give rise to involuntary urine leaks, which can evolve into the dreaded urinary incontinence and prolapse (detachment) in the bladder, vagina, uterus and rectum. The pelvic floor is weakened by different causes, although the most frequent are: age, multiple births, obesity, constipation, some sports, chronic respiratory diseases, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and lack of sexual relations
The pelvic floor is also related to sexuality, as a good muscle tone in the pelvic floor will produce greater sensitivity in the vagina and therefore greater pleasure in sexual intercourse. Apart from their physical effects, Chinese Deva balls also have an important psychological power, increasing sexual desire, encouraging self-exploration and discovering new sensations to fully enjoy your body.
Kegel exercises are the well-known pelvic floor training exercises to strengthen the muscles and organs located throughout that internal area. They are performed by contracting the muscles of the vagina for 5 seconds and then relaxing them for 5 more seconds, repeating this operation for 4 or 5 times in a row.
Deva from Rithual includes 4 balls of different weights: 60g, 25g, 40g, and 60g to combine them and create the exercise program.
These balls can be combined in a 10-step program to advance Kegel training and reach a higher level.
• Made of high quality medical silicone.
• It is non-porous and hypoallergenic.
It is recommended to use water-based lubricant waterfeel for better insertion and care of the product, as other lubricants could damage the toy. Clean the toy thoroughly before first use and after each use.
Deva is made of silky soft medical silicone, which is extremely slippery and absorbs heat from your body quickly. The toy can be easily cleaned with a little soap and warm water. With a little bit of disinfectant toy cleaner, you can ensure especially thorough hygiene afterwards, ideally with Waterfeel’s perfectly coordinated disinfection spray. For maximum pleasure, always use your toy with one of Waterfeel’s water-based lubricants that is perfectly matched to the product. The vegan water-based composition protects the material and keeps the surface of your toy nice and soft.
Rithual is a philosophy of health, pleasure and well-being. Carefully prepared to enhance personal happiness and human well-being. The brand is a leader in sales with Rithual Shushu, therefore the launch of new toys complements any object of pleasure for a healthier and happier life thanks to sexual satisfaction. 2-year full warranty on all Rithual toys guarantee safe pleasure. (EAN: 8435565912222)




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RITHUAL | Rithual Deva Pelvic Training Orquidea | Better Orgasms | Intense Orgasms | Sex Toys voor Vrouwen (8435565912222)RITHUAL | Rithual Deva Pelvic Training Orquidea | Better Orgasms | Intense Orgasms | Sex Toys voor Vrouwen (8435565912222)
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